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Sessions are offered in two levels: Essential Matwork and Essential/Intermediate Matwork. 

At the Essential Level, clients are introduced to the “Five basic principles” of STOTT PILATES® :


1. Breathing

2. Pelvic Placement

3. Rib Cage Placement

4. Scapular Movement and Stabilization

5. Head and Cervical Placement


At the Essential/Intermediate Level, we continue reviewing and reinforcing the 5 Basic Principles whilst building up and adding progression to the Essential Matwork. At this level clients should be familiar with the essential repertoire and are encouraged to work at their own pace.



Private sessions with Brisa will give clients the opportunity to discuss any specific postural issues, injuries or rehabilitation post-injury. Clients will be able to follow a programme tailored to their needs and goals.


Sessions cover: 

- spinal articulation and mobility around the joints.

- correct alignment 

- coordination of breath and               movement.

- initial strengthening of core             (intrinsic) muscles and core               stability.

- flexibility around the joints.


Brisa will support clients on a one-to-one basis, offering modifications and providing equipment and props to help individuals with different needs and abilities, reach their goals.

Session length: 50-60mins

“I have been doing Pilates for over ten years.  In the last few months I have had the pleasure of being taught by Brisa.

She is without doubt the best teacher I have ever had.  Her detail given out during the class ensures that everyone is doing the exercises correctly.  A* Brisa”                  

                            -   Sue Coulson

Group Classes

Those new to pilates are encouraged to attend one-to-one sessions before joining a group class. This is necessary so the individual is adequately introduced to the foundation of the exercises and given the confidence and knowledge to work at their own pace.


"I started Pilates with Brisa to gain my core strength back after a Cesarean birth and more recently, an operation on my ovaries. To begin with I learnt the deep breathing Pilates technique and after a few one-on-one sessions, I was already beginning to connect my mind and body which enabled me to start gentle core exercises. Brisa devised an individual program for me and has continued to tailor the exercises each week. After 9 months, I'm able to do a full Pilates session and I feel stronger than I ever have done.

I've decided to continue with the one-on-one sessions with Brisa because afterwards I feel confident, happy and aware of my posture!"

- Sophie

"From the very beginning Brisa told me "Pilates is your medicine". She is right! I have developed a love of Pilates and it has become a part of my life. I am stronger, more flexible and it makes me feel really happy. Brisa is so lovely and very professional."
- Zoe Sheldon


Falmouth Sports Club,

Western Terrace, TR11 4QJ


You can book via


Text:+44 7984537020

FB page: Brisa Pilates

​Online Zoom Sessions


18:30 - Core Challenge

Meeting ID: 395 748 7980



9:00 - Strength & Stretch​

13:30 - Stretch & Tone

Meeting ID: 395 748 7980



10:30 - Stretch & Tone

18:00 - Total Body Pilates


Meeting ID: 395 748 798



9:00 - Total Body Pilates

18:00- Total Body Pilates

Meeting ID: 395 748 798



9:00 - Strength & Stretch

10:00 - Total body Pilates

Meeting ID: 395 748 798



9:30 - Express Workout 

Meeting ID: 395 748 798


Face-Face sessions

According to In tier 3 areas, group activity is not permitted indoors. Personal trainers are only permitted to undertake 1:1 sessions, or sessions for a group only if they’re all from the same household. This should not take place in a private house, so should take place in a gym or sport facility.

On that note, if you are interested in having private sessions,  1:1  or 2:1, contact me for availability.


Payment details:

 Click here to pay via PayPal.

For bank transfer, contact me for bank details.

Cost: £35 for a block of 5 sessions 

Once you purchase your classes, you will be able to attend any online or face-face group sessions at the studio within 8 weeks. 

Pre-paid classes will expire after 8 weeks!


Private/small group sessions

Call: 07984537020 or email: for availability.


£40 one off-session (face-to-face)

£180 Five session booking (face-to-face)


January 2021 special deal!! 

Five 1:1  sessions for half price.

 Class description

Strength & Stretch

In this class the focus is on mobilizing the spine and peripheral joints-shoulders, hips and knees. 

A lot emphasis is given to improving mobility and flexibility. Core and back strengthening exercises are also part of the routine.

Suitable to those working through an injury or managing back pain and hip pain.

Total body

A dynamic, full-body workout that focuses on improving flexibility and core strength, with exercises that stretch and tone all muscle groups.


Applying the principles of breathing, alignment, focus, concentration and control this workout will make you feel invigorated​ and energized.

Cardio Pilates

A dynamic workout designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness, coordination, flexibility and balance with focus on the feet, knees and hips

Core Challenge

Work your endurance, stamina and precision applying the basic principles of Pilates: breathing, scapular stabilization, pelvic /ribcage/neck placement.



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